Posted: Saturday, November 12, 2016 1:58 AM

 To process the quartz sand, we can use the FTM jaw crusher machine. When we run the jaw crusher machine, we should notice several details. After running the jaw crusher, we should not feed materials hurriedly. When jaw crusher works normally, we can start the feeding work. The crushed quartz should be evenly delivered into crushing cavity.

jaw crusher machine

If there are much quartz at the feeding mouth, the jaw crusher may be blocked. When jaw crusher works, the maximum temperature of bearing should not be higher than 70℃. If so, we should immediately turn off the electricity and find out reasons. Before stopping the work of jaw crusher machine, we should not feed material any more.

When all materials are discharged out, we can turn off the electricity. During the working process, if we find the crushing cavity is blocked, the first thing is to immediately turn off electricity. Then, before launching the jaw crusher again, we should clean the sand materials in crushing cavity.

If jaw crusher machine works for a certain period and its jaw plates are worn out, we can turn around to use. Besides, we should frequently check the jaw crusher and timely add the lubricating oil. If screws are loosened or key parts are worn out, we should deal them immediately.

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