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High power LED lighting thermal management solution
Posted: Wednesday, May 2, 2012 3:25 AM

The process of thermal conduction for LED lighting is as follows.


When the LED chip is powered up, visible light and the heat are generated. The heat is extracted from LED chip by cathode lead line, printed circuit board (PCB), heat sink, and subsequently released to the atmosphere.



Semiconductor components are sensitive to heat, so it will cause many problems of stability and use life in high temperature at a long time. If the heat couldnt be spreaded out in time, the LED chip would be burned. As to high power LED chip, only cathode lead wire is not enough to spread heat, so it needs heat sink (Thermal conductivity is 200-400 w/m.k) designed in LED light. Whats more, the heat sink cant be connected with PCB completely, which means the effect of heat spreading is not enough. To solve this problem, we should use thermal conductive silicone sealant or thermal pad to contact the heat sink and PCB. Because thermal pad is soft, natural tack, and compressible.


Traditional thermal interface material is thermal grease, a kind of low-cost material, which should be laid on evenly. Nowadays, most LED lighting factories are using our thermal pads, since it is handy to work, flexible sizes from 0.3mm to 15mm, 20%-60% compression allowed.


Shenzhen Zhenzhixing Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional TIMs manufacturer, researching, producing and selling TIMs. We have rich experience in cooperating with LED lighting companies, and we research and produce special thermal pads for different structures and heat sink demands of LED lights.

 At present, LED thermal pads are widely applied in 15W to 200W LED lamps, such as LED street lamp, spot light, luminaire, tunnel lamp, underground lamp and so on.


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Posted: Tuesday, August 27, 2013 4:31 AM

 yes it's that simple, the only problem is if you don't have the led hooked to the +/- wire properly with respect to polarity. one lead (on the led) should be longer, that one should be hooked up to the + side, if you get this wrong, don't worry you won't damage the led, just switch the leads


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