Posted: Friday, February 24, 2012 12:51 AM

Solar street lights are not new products. Usually, the program contains street lamps, solar panel, solar controller, batteries, arm, pole, wires and so on.
You may find some projects in your city. They can save all electricity cost and resources. It looks like great. You may think we should use solar street lights everywhere. However, why are they not so popular?
1. Why not so popular now
The main reason is cost. When the power utilization of street lamps is 60 Watt, it needs 150 – 170 Watt solar panel and 2 units 80 Ah batteries. The cost is near USD 1, 000. If the power consumption is higher, such as 150 Watt, the cost will be a little amazing. Many countries cannot accept the price.
However, as traditional HPS street lights, the power consumption is usually 60W, 80W, 150W, 250W or 400W. So, the cost is high in most of cases. Many countries cannot accept the cost.
2. LED technology
In the past two years, LED street lights become more and more popular. They use LED (Light Emitting Diode) as light sources. Comparing with traditional HPS lamps, LED lamps can save 50%-70% energy. For example, 30W, 60W, 110W and 160W LED lamps can replace 80W, 150W, 250W and 400W HPS lamps.
3. Benefits of LED Street Lights
Main advantages are as follow
Lower power consumption
Higher power efficacy – LED street lights exceed mercury vapor’s 31 lm/W. You can find higher efficacy measurement from for high pressure sodium lamps. It is just misleading because It includes wasted light that in turn wastes energy. In the market, many power efficacy of LED street lights can reach up to 90lm/w.
More Lux Per Watt – more than double that of a mercury vapor street light. The equivalent measurement for high pressure sodium lamps is skewed by hot spots that bump up the lux rating but cause undesirable visibility, safety and glare problems.
Longer lifetime (50,000 hours)
4. Why
solar LED lights will be very popular
Because LED lamps are energy saving, it can reduce cost of solar kits. When the cost is low, many countries can accept them.
For example, 60W solar LED street lights can replace traditional 150W HPS street lamps. It will save all electricity. If you calculate ROI, you will find it’s over 30% in two years. Why not accept?
Besides, LED is in semiconductor industry. The efficiency increases quickly. The cost of solar panel will be lower in the future.
So, LED lamps with solar kits are perfect combination. They will be very popular in the future 3 years.
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