Posted: Friday, July 31, 2015 2:47 AM

 The small pellet plant, also called moveable pellet plant features positioning flexibility, compacted structure and stable performance as a whole to facilitate transportation and storage. It is designed and manufactured preferably for clients who intend to put a pellet plant into production; yet with a relatively low yield due to limited raw material supply or because of unfixed working positions for pelletization. Small pellet plant commonly consists of wood chipping machine, hammer mill, air-current dryer or small rotary drum dryer, mixer, screw conveyor, conditioner, flat pellet press, screener and cooler, small semi-auto packing machine.

small pellet plant

Small pellet plant ( is widely used for rice husk, palm fiber, corn stalks, cotton stalks, wheat straw rice straw, peanut shell, corn cob, branches, leaves, sawdust and other crops in rural areas , solid waste, furfural-residue, edible fungus dregs, and Chinese herbal medicine residue etc. This plant is suitable for various kinds of materials whose moisture content is less than 15%. The machine is fully automatic electric heating, and can adjust the humidity of materials to deal with problems of congestion and not forming. Small wood pellet plant is a full set of mechanized production equipment. It can convert biomass raw material and solid waste into energy fuel with high density. The small pellet plant has advantage of simple structure, easy operation, high automation (1 worker to operate).

The life of the roller and template on small pellet plant  ( can get to 300-500 hours which is 2 times longer than domestic similar machines. The raw material of our spare parts is from 20CrMnTi or 40Cr. The thickness of the Template will affect the quality of the pellet. When the Template is thicker, it is equal that the pelletizing process is longer, so the density of pellet will be higher, and the appearance of pellet will be smoother. And the life of the template will be longer.