Posted: Monday, June 29, 2015 8:05 AM

 LED lighting gradually become under the control of a single batch control, lighting effects and colorful dream, whether it is restaurants, hotels, discos, bars, squares and other places, dreamy and romantic atmosphere rendering, in addition to beautiful music, lighting effects role should not be underestimated.

LED dimming LED lights with intelligent controller as a remote control handset or a bridge, wireless control, as long as a mobile phone or a wireless remote control, you can control multiple intelligent wireless remote controller LED lamps, LED lamps for the following control, very easy to use:


1 switch function: mobile or remote control in hand, equal to a wireless switch control remote control in hand, can be arbitrary control LED lights on and off;


2 brighten functions: phone, or via remote control, can be arbitrary brightness of the lights were adjusted so that more energy-efficient LED lights;


3 color function: by phone or remote control, can be arbitrary control LED lights (supports RGB mode) for color adjustment, color choices are many;


4 flashing mode adjustment: diversification flashing mode, three color flashing, Rainbow flashing, color conversion have hopping pattern, gradient mode;


5 timing functions: convenient timing, timing can be set on the LED lights, can set the timer period, in accordance with the date set, but also individually set, you want the lights on when to start and when to open, when you want when shut off on both energy saving and environmental protection.


6 Color Function: By phone or remote control color temperature settings, just arbitrarily set a color temperature, you can view, control of the specific situation lighting.