Posted: Monday, October 17, 2016 2:44 AM

 The following content will discuss about some problems that need to be noticed when improving the output of Wood Pellet Mill. The ventilating effect of dust remover can influence the output of Wood Pellet Mill. If you want to have higher output, you’d better use a dust remover with relatively high wind volume. When hot air contacts with raw material, heat exchange occurs immediately. In order to make heat exchange occur rapidly and lower the temperature of exhaust gas, there must exist certain negative pressure in rotary drum, which can inhale hot air immediately.

The Wood Pellet Millis widely used for agriculture. In order to better control the temperature of Wood Pellet Mill, we’ d better install thermocouples at the feeding mouth and discharging mouth. The temperature changes can fully reflect on the thermocouples, which offer the scientific support for raising or lowering temperature.

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