Posted: Sunday, October 16, 2016 10:20 PM

 As we all know, corns can be processed into ethanol fuel through certain ways. In America, the total annual output of ethanol is about 65.6 billion dollars and 494,000 jobs are created. Seeing from the American politics, we can see that powerful farmers and multinational food dealers work together to accelerate the regulation of ethanol policy.

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As one of the large powers of multinational food dealers in America and even in world, ADM company powerfully advocated that the ethanol fuel could alleviate the dependence on fuels. Besides, the ethanol fuels can solve the problem of climate change. Every year, ADM company will lobby the federal officials and congress members, try to influence the regulation of laws or policies.

In the view of ADM company, the industry of biomass energy can supply 5 billion jobs every year and 53 billion dollars of output. Under the help of governments, this industry will be further market-oriented and business-like. Hopefully, this industry will create 8 billion jobs and another 37 billion dollars on the basis of 52 billion dollars.

If so, America will realize the fuel dependence. After few years, Dick Durbin, the senator of Illinois democrat, accepted the donate of ADM company for more than 5.7 million dollars. Finally, Dick Durbin passed the law for increasing the ethanol consumption. To know more details, pls follow our website news.

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