Posted: Sunday, March 22, 2015 9:34 PM

 Ring die pellet machine is a newly pellet machine, researched designed, and produced by ourselves. It’s mainly used to produce biomass pellet from the materials, such as wood chips (like pine, white pine, mahogany, pinus sylvestris, rubber tree), bamboo shaving, rich husk, seeds shells, peanut shells, halm, pennisetum, straw (wheat straw, corn stover), cotton stalks, alfalfa grass, bagasse, palm fiber, paper, non-physical materials.

Ring die is the important spare parts for ring die pellet machine (, as peoples' heart. It will influence the capacity, power consumption and the equipment quality. So ring die must have good mechanical properties and long service life. The quality of ring die plays an important role in making high quality pellets and high output. Furthermore good ring die can produce good ring die pellet machines for pellet machine manufacturers and on the other hand good ring die can save much maintenance cost for pellet mill manufacturers. Only choosing a good ring die, can ensure the machine working steadily. There are many ring dies in the market, with uneven quality, and how to choose the one suitable for your pellet machine?

Ring Die Pellet Mill

1. Roughness of the die hole, if it's too rough, will influence the pellet molding, under seriously condition, it may blocking and boring the machine.

2. Choosing the most suitable compression ratio according to the raw material. The compression means the proportion of hole length and diameter.

3. The materials of ring die, and heat treatment. Genarally, people use carbon structural steel, structural alloy steel and stainless steel, after forging press, lathe processing, drilling and heat treatment process, can form it. Every process are both important, its result related to the ring die lifetime, capacity and quality. The most popular material is 4Cr13 in the market, its hardness can reach HRC50 after heating treatment.

If still can not make the good decision, you can choose the famous company, because their quality is guaranteed.

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