Posted: Wednesday, March 18, 2015 3:32 AM

Desulfurization gypsum briquette making machine is mainly used to suppress desulfurization gypsum powder, and the pressed balls can be used as retarder in cement plant. This briquette making machine ( generally has two common way of loading, gravity feeding way and powerful feeding way, if feeding way is wrong, underfeeding has certain influence on balling strength and balling rate, moisture content also has a great influence on balling rate, so there are potential relation between feeding way and moisture content.

Gypsum Briquetting Machine

Appropriate raw material moisture content is the key to balling briquette. Found in many experiments of different materials have different ball briquette moisture content. Only mastering the material moisture and the way of feeding in the process of desulfurization gypsum briquette machine production line, to produce high strength, regular shape and high density of the finished product, and the combination of both has greatly increased the balling rate. Briquette machine in cold press pellet feed way there are ravity feeding way and powerful feeding way. The gravity loading is the use of material itself gravity singled out in the roller gap and the ball socket, powerful loading in addition to the feeding effects, also have preloading effect on material, damage material bypass effect, remove part gas of material.

Desulfurization gypsum pressure ball machine ( with a few raw materials limestone, dolomite adopting dry powder ball briquette, most of the material adopts wet material ball briquette. Water changes affect the ball particle and quality, raw material moisture content is too high, usually is initialized into the ball quickly, but easy to cause mutual bonding of the pellet deformation and difficult demoulding, leading to particle size uneven distribution of the pellet, strength is poorer, difficult to dry at the same time; while raw material moisture content is too low, easy to appear the phenomenon of the two hemispheres clearance increases, lead to powder bonding strength is poor, too many hemisphere, balling rate is low.

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