Posted: Tuesday, February 3, 2015 1:58 AM

 Wood granulation machine plays a very important role in industry, agriculture and life area. It is proper for customers to consider purchasing a wood granulation machine. Wood granulation machine can process charcoal powder, toner, toner bamboo, coke toner, hookah carbon, graphite, carbon shell page, Jujube carbon, blue charcoal activated carbon and other powder materials into square, egg-shaped ball, oval, goose egg, bar and other special shapes products by grinding and stirring. With good economic and social benefits, the finished products are energy saving, easy to store and transport.

wood granulation machine

There are so many wood granulation machine manufacturers that how to choose the best one among them has been a question for you. Fote Heavy Machinery will give you some advises here. It is very important to visit the manufacturing base. Many factories have enough strength but they are not professional enough in producing wood granulation machine. Moreover, you should pay attention to the details, such as performance, reputation, structure, services and so on.

You should test the machine at the factory. Then you will know whether the wood granulation machine can produce your ideal products. It is our honor if you can visit Fote Heavy Machinery. Our wood granulation machine not only covers the domestic market, but also has been exported to Europe, North America, South America, Southeast Asia and Africa. It features low energy consumption, low cost, high efficiency and large output. From the factory to the hands of customers, our products will provide full service. Professionals will keep in touch with customers, ready to solve various problems in the workflow. If you are interested in our wood granulation machine, please contact us!