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Grasshopper Solar Corporation

Address:    55 University Avenue, Toronto M5J 2H7, Canada
Telephone Number:    1-866-908-3150
Facsimile Number:     1-866-400-7831
Email:     Send Email to Grasshopper Solar Corporation
Business:   Turn-key Solutions for Solar Power Systems
Services:   Engineering, Installation, Project Development, Systems/Mechatronics (Mechanical/Electrical)/Software Engineers, Certified Energy Auditors, Information Technology Specialists, Project / Program Managers and Environmental Professionals
Products:   Solar Photovoltaic Systems, Solar Photovoltaic Products
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Ontario’s Leader in Solar Power Systems Grasshopper Solar, a subsidiary of Grasshopper Energy, is a green service firm committed to improving energy and solar efficiency across North America. Headquartered in downtown Toronto, is headed by a dedicated staff of Systems/Mechatronics (Mechanical/Electrical)/Software Engineers, Certified Energy Auditors, Information Technology Specialists, Project / Program Managers and Environmental professionals providing turn-key solutions for solar power systems in Ontario, helping individuals, businesses and institutions profit from renewable energy. Grasshopper Solar takes pride in competitively priced, high-performance and expertly engineered solar power systems. Solar power has always been the environmentally-responsible choice – now with Grasshopper Solar, it’s affordable and profitable, as well, with extensive coverage areas including all of Ontario. Grasshopper Solar GS SeriesTM Solar Power Systems have been specifically designed to maximize investment opportunities from the Ontario Power Authority’s (OPA) Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) program Grasshopper Solar Corporation a member of the Limen Group Ltd. ( ) and Martifer Solar Canada ( whom have formed an Ontario based joint venture to invest in the Ontario market. This collaboration shall be operating under the name of Grasshopper Solar Corporation (GSC). The GSC team is pleased to provide the Residential, Commercial, Agricultural and Government turnkey Solar Power Systems (SPS) solutions for all of Ontario. The GSC team is fully capable of undertaking the roles of a Designer, Constructor, Installer, as well as providing ongoing operations management and maintenance for any SPS projects installed. Grasshopper Solar Corporation’s (GSC) core business has been to provide high quality turnkey Solar Power System solutions in Ontario that are affordable and eligible under the Ontario Power Authority’s (OPA) Feed-in Tariff (FIT). GSC offers a wide range of Solar Power System (SPS) solutions to the Ontario market place, tailored to meet the criteria set out by the OPA. These solutions include smaller systems, less than or equal to 10kW, which are eligible under the microFIT program. GSC also provides SPS solutions for larger systems, over 10kW, which are eligible under the FIT program. These systems range from flush rooftop mounted systems to active dual axis tracker systems. As another service, GSC offers rooftop or land leasing programs for those looking to generate a revenue stream with no initial expenditure. GSC also provides secondary and tertiary services to support clients with technical support, maintenance programs and system dismounts when the roofing system needs to be replaced. GSC understands that buildings are a system and attempts to provide creative solutions in anticipation of clients concerns when considering the installation of a Solar Power System. Grasshopper Solar is an official corporate member of CanSIA The Canadian Solar Industries Association which represents the interests of its members by working to increase the use of solar energy in Canada. In addition, recognizing that the development of solar energy technologies carries obligations to the purchasers and users of these technologies, it is an objective of the Association, through it programs and activities, to ensure that the solar industry in Canada provides systems and services that meet Canadians expectations of value, performance, and safety. Grasshopper Solar Corporation’s hope is to foster a culture that inherently conservers and protects our fragile ecosystem.
Grasshopper Solar works closely with thier clients through every phase of their solar power project, from the initial study to servicing and maintenance, and everything in between.
The key phases in the development of thier project include:


                                                                   GS3TM  GS5TM  GS7TM  GS10TM
Free Preliminary Study                               Included Included Included Included
Comprehensive Feasibility Study                Included Included Included Included
Financial Modelling                                     Included Included Included Included
System Design and Engineering                 Included Included Included Included
microFIT & FIT Application Processing        Included Included Included Included
Necessary Permits Processing                    Included Included Included Included
System Installation & Wiring                        Included Included Included Included
System Commissioning                               Included Included Included Included
Performance Optimization                           Included Included Included Included
Maintenance                                               Available Available Available Available
System Monitoring                                      Optional Optional Optional Optional

Feasibility - Free preliminary study

GSC conducts an assessment of cleints properties to determine the viability of the site, as well as potential locations and system sizes;
and will take note of any structures, trees or other issues that may impact the design or performance of the system.

Comprehensive - Feasibility study

GSC's solar experts conduct a full on-site assessment to determine how solar power would work with the property.

Grasshopper Solar analyze's the impact of the skyline on various locations, keeping future developments and seasonal changes into account.
GSC also considers the structural components of the system, such as roof capacity and wiring, providing a comprehensive report and offer a quote for the development of the solar project.

Financial modelling

As part of the feasibility study, GSC performs a detailed financial analysis to project the system’s economics. Grasshopper Solar compares several potential locations,
system sizes and system configurations to maximize performance, and provide clients with the costs, panel productivity and estimated returns on investment (ROI).

Design & Engineering

System design

GSC specifies the system’s components, including the quantity, make and structure of the system. GSC ensures that it is in compliance with government and FIT regulations,
OPA’s domestic content requirements, Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) and all building codes.

Installation & Commissioning


How well is the cleint system is installed can greatly affect its performance. That’s why GSC carefully select thier installation team to ensure the cleints system is assembled and connected properly.
At this point, we connect your system to the grid and inspect its performance. Safety is our largest concern, and we make sure that the system is approved by the Electrical Safety Authority (ESA) and proper authorities.

Ongoing Support


Post-installation, our team is available to you to inspect the panels and other components, test the system’s output, and service your system over the course of its warranty.
So that you get the technical support you need, our dedicated customer service team is available normal work hours, as well as evenings and weekends.

System monitoring

We can maintain a record of your system’s energy production to analyze your electrical contribution, CO2 reduction and financial savings. Our monitoring software keeps a record of performance trends so we can see how to continually optimize your energy output.
We pride ourselves on finding you the highest return on investment for your solar power system. With this goal in mind, we provide meticulous system design, source high-performance equipment at market-leading prices (see our GS SeriesTM), and work to ensure the high profitability of your system
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