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 Solar lights are basically made up of 3 major parts which are the solar light, the solar panel and the rechargeable battery. The solar panel of the solar lights is the part that absorbs the energy from the sun. The solar panel is usually made of silicon or other semi-conductor materials. As the sunlight hits the solar panel the rays of the sun goes through a photoelectric effect where the sun's rays goes through the conversion to electric current. The electric current created in the solar panel is then transferred to the rechargeable battery where it is stored the whole day. At night, that power accumulated in the rechargeable battery is used to power the solar led flood lights fixture.

Solar lights can be installed in any part of your property where there is ample sunlight during the day. Solar lights need to be exposed to bright sunlight during the day in order to charge the batteries. The battery needs to charge and store solar energy for an entire day so that it can be used for the entire night. Using solar lights for outdoor lighting is a great idea since it does not require any electricity and they are very easy to mount. Using solar lights for your outdoor lighting has plenty of benefits but the most important is that you can save a lot of money. Solar lights use solar energy so there will be no increase in your monthly electric bill even if you use your solar lights every night. There is no additional cost to your utility expenses when you use solar lights. 
There are also no wirings which makes the installation of solar lights very easy. Just mount the solar lights, allow them to charge during the daytime and then they are ready to use. There are no complicated installation processes when you use solar lights. If your concern is the level of brightness of solar lights then you can use LED Panel lights. They are really bright and can easily illuminate a big portion of your garden. Just scatter a few of the LED solar lights and you have yourself a well-lit garden during the night. LED solar lights are great because they are energy efficient and they are also more durable. They last longer than the ordinary bulb used for Solar Lights so you can save money because you do not have to constantly change the bulb of your solar lights. 


Posted On: November 25, 2013

 With decrease in sources of energy it has now become necessary to switch over to the renewable sources of energy for the consumption purpose.

All the non-renewable sources of energy are coming to an end so it will not be possible to consume them in the near future. However, scientists are trying to replace them with the eco-friendly energy sources which will be helpful even in the long run.

There are solar cookers, solar light, solar heater etc. which one can opt for. Solar LED Downlights have now been invented to save the energy consumption. These lights use the sun rays as the source of energy and even store them for the later use, rather than simply converting it.

The Solar LED lights can be carried also easily anywhere as there is no need to plug it into the socket on the wall. One just need to place the solar lights strategically is order to have adequate sun rays so that the required energy is consumed, that is enough to keep the light going for the entire night.

As the Solar LED street lights are equally bright one can replace them with the conventional LED lights.

One cannot only find the Solar street lights on the high way roads but also on the streets, lanes and even on the entrance of the house. Its utilization is increasing day by day due to the problems of energy sources and pollution. 


The installation of Solar street lights is way cheaper than conventional lights. For conventional lights one has to dig up the yard, do the wiring work then connect it with the existing system, which is definitely costlier as there is no need of doing all these things in the Solar street lights.

It is important to place the Solar street lights in such a manner that it consumes more sun rays and can light up for more hours and even at the night.

Solar LEDs can be used in the exteriors of your house which can definitely curb the electric expenditures as the outdoor solar lightening will automatically turn on at the dusk.

Outdoor solar lightening are used for various purposes, especially to light up the pathway and spot light the hazards like rough and irregular surface. It also adds to the beauty of the exterior regions and makes your house look beautiful from outside too.

Posted On: November 25, 2013