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Photovoltaic Solar Panel Database Services

The Solar Panel Database is a unique central repository of in-depth information and data on non-concentrating photovaltaic panels commercially available in the global market. It provides information about photovaltaic panel performance, characteristics, warranty terms and certifications, including the dataset required by the European Standard EN 50380: "Datasheet and nameplate information for photovoltaic modules". Manufacturer datasheet, installation manuals, scanned certificate images, product white papers, warranty documents, product brochures, etc. may all be listed as sources for additional information.

Visitors, especially solar professionals to the online database can find complete information about particular models for apple-to-apple comparisions, purchasing decision making, and engineering design references in one centerized place. It saves you a lot of time to collect those information from here and there.

Manufacturers, large and small, have a market place to bring your products to the awareness of thousands of solar installers, solar desginers and solar end-users, and have chance to set with your well known competitors side by side for product comparision. Those highly targeted audience can help increasing your sales and brand awareness significantly. The solar panel microsite delivers accurate product information and miscellaneous high quality documents to your buyers efficiently.

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